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Priligy purchase uk, Priligy purchase in india

Congratulations to our winners!

Peter Hiers, Best in Show

Greg Mettler, lst Place (2D)
Douglas Bloom, 2nd Place (2D)
Jamie Dagdigian, 3rd Place (2D)

Dave Higgins, 1st Place (3D)
Rob Holt, 2nd Place (3D)
Syd Dutton, 3rd Place (3D)

Honorable Mention Awards
Kim Campbell, Cody Edison, Kim Frohsin, Rachell Hester,
Nicholas McCarthy, Logan Norton, Catie O’Leary, Tomoaki Shibata
Brenda Welsh and Termeh Yeghiazarian
Martin Webb, Sand City Art Committee Favorite Award

With Participating Artists
Sharron Antholt, Douglas C. Bloom, Mary Burger, Kim Campbell, Martha Casanave, Peter Charles, Jamie Dagdigian, Syd Dunton, Cody Edison, Cynthia Evans,
Kim Frohsin, Patricia Gaglioti, Susan Hyde Greene, Meheen Hauge, Gregory Hawthorne, Rachell Hester, Peter Hiers, Dave Higgins, Rob Holt,
Andrew Jackson, Barbara Johnson, Evelyn Klein, Donna Kooyman, Nicholas McCarthy,  Greg Mettler, Indira Martina Morre, Margaret Niven, Reid Norris,
Logan Norton, Dennis O’Leary, Catie O’Leary, Jane Olin, Rosy Pehhallow, Charles Pifer, Robin V. Robinson, Stephanie Rozzo, Mary Ann Ryan Sadler,
Eric Saint Georges, Nancy Sevier, Katheryn Sherwood, Tomoaki Shibata, Robynn Smith, Lisa Solomon, Janet Sorensen, Jerry Takigawa, Pamela Takigawa,
Mark Tanous, Robin Ward, Martin Webb, Brenda Welsh, Richard Whittaker, Termeh Yeghiazarian

The Independent | 600 Ortiz Ave  | Sand City, CA

Gallery Hours during the West End Celebration
Saturday, August 26, 11 – 6 PM
Sunday, August 27, 12- 5 PM

Regular Gallery Hours (starting August 30th)
Tuesday – Friday 3 PM – 8 PM
Saturday 10 – 4 PM
By appointment | 831-917-6226

Thank you to our 0pening reception sponsors:

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