Craig Hubler
Sand City Sculpture

I see my art as a collaboration with not only those who came before me or those I work with today, but sometimes the very earth we live on and the cosmos we travel through. The many kinetic sculptures and paintings I have rendered could not have been given life but for simple gravity and the rotation of the earth, along with untold hours spent with others seen and unseen who have guided me along the path of my artistic career.

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I began my artistic career at Monterey Sculpture Studio in 1976, just south of where the Aquarium stands today. It was an artists cooperative and foundry run by Charles Fischer. It was here that I learned the art of lost wax casting. I was later hired by one of the artists I met there, Robert “Scotty” Holt, and apprenticed to him for the next fifteen years. Today, I run a small sculpture studio, ( Sand City Sculpture) in the heart of the city’s West End district. As a twenty five year member of the city council and now serving as the chairman of the Sand City Arts Committee, I balance my time between producing my own creations and promoting, collaborating and supporting others in our small vibrant arts community and beyond.

Contact Information

1737-B Hickory Street, Sand City, Ca 93955