Opening Reception, Thursday, August 25, 5 -8

Independent Presence profiles Monterey artists Salon Jane featuring guest artist David Bayles. This is a gorgeous art exhibition, grounded in the history of photography from pinhole cameras and darkroom alchemy to digital capture. Mystery, nature and narrative themes wind through this collection, going far beyond the medium to bring the power of presence to restless enigmatic scenes.

With artists, Jane Artists, Martha Casanave, Susan Hyde Green, Jane Olin, Anna Rheim, Robin V. Robinso and Robin Ward

Guest Artist, David Bayles
Curator, Gail Enns
440 Ortiz Ave , Auite A | Sand City, CA

Gallery Hours during the West End Celebration
Saturday, August 26, 11 AM– 6 PM
Sunday, August 27, 12 – 5 PM

Regular Gallery Hours (starting August 30th)
Saturday & Sunday 10 AM– 4PM
By appointment

Throughout history, artists have formed themselves into groups that reflect a commonality of ideas and approaches on which they base their art making. Sometimes it is an informal relationship between friends like that of the Cubist movement or a geographical instance such as the Washington Color School. Whatever the case, groups more often than not, represent a movement away from or an alternative view of art that counters the predominant currents of art in their time. Salon Jane is such a group. They have emerged from the strict confines of the prevailing view and training which has dominated the Monterey peninsula for generations, each developing her own independent style and vision.
– Gail Enns