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In December of 1995 the Sand City Council passed a resolution establishing a policy that the Council Chambers be available for use as a public art gallery thus creating the Sand City Art Committee. Since then the Sand City Art Committee has sponsored numerous events not only within the Council Chambers but studios and other venues throughout Sand City.
Today, The Sand City Art Committee continues to seek artists and craftsman throughout the greater Peninsula area and beyond. We encourage participation and ideas for new shows and projects.
The Committee meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Sand City
Council Chambers at 1 Sylvan Park. We are a proud sponsor of the West End Celebration.
” A city that creates together grows together”
Heinz Hubler ( First Arts Committee Chair)
Sand City Art Committee of 2016 consists of these volunteers:
Greg Hawthorne
Don Davis
Shelby Hawthorne
Dawn Peters